New Products Debuted at ICAST 2015

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ICAST 2015 is in the books, and what a great show it was. This year we introduced a slew of new products, some of which will be shipping to retailers shortly. Among the new products introduced this year were:

  • Sunder 6″ Slow Sinking Swimbait.
    • The Sunder will go on sale with a suggested retail of $25.99. One of the most exciting aspects of the Sunder is that it only weighs a little over 1 ounce. For anglers wanting to try a swimbait, but don’t have the heavy duty rod/reel required to fish them,┬ácan buy the Sunder and use it on a variety of rod types capable of handling 1 oz weight.
  • Strout 3.5″
    • The Strout 3.5″ is our first micro swimbait. Utilizing the same technology and features from it’s larger counterparts, the Strout 3.5″ is an ultra-realistic multi-segmented swimbait. Versatile in presentation, the Strout 3.5″ is already responsible for catching a variety of species including: Bass, Trout, & Salmon. Due to the small size and low weight it is a great lure for light line, or even spinning reel applications. Suggested Retail: $14.99 (Shipping to retailers now)
  • Swimpike 7″
    • The newest addition to the Swimpike line of lures, the 7″ model is a great option for stepping down the presentation size when tough conditions exist. The Swimpike 7″ incorporates 11 segments molded to our mesh woven fiber capable of withstanding 40 pounds of break strenght. Learning from the success in Europe with the Swimpike 9.5″, allowed us to realize that the Swimpike is a great multi species lure. The 7.5″ will prove to be equally efficient on pike, musky, walleye, and Bass. Suggested retail $24.99 (shipping to retailers now)


Also introduced was the new additions to the Venum Tail series of soft plastics. Although most of these products have been available in Europe and Asia for the last few years, we have finally opened up our full catalog to US retailers. Additions to the Venum Tail line for 2015:

  • Warax (Release Date: August 15, 2015)
  • Deus: Paddle Tail Swimbait available in 4″ & 5″ versions
  • Prim Stick Bait: Available in 3.8″ and 4.8″

All of the products in the Venum Tail Pro Series have a suggested retail of $5.99.