TailGunR 3.5″ Swimbait

  • 3.5″ / 90mm
  • Wide body creates large profile presentation
  • Wider than it is taller makes it a great swimbait for heavy vegetation application
  • Oversized tail creates maximum turbulence
  • Eco-Friendly Formulation is BPA & Phthalate Free
  • Incredibly durable while remaining soft and elastic
  • B2A Shrimp scent attractant
  • 7 pieces per pack

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TailGunR 3.5″ Swimbait
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The soft lure Biwaa TailGunR Swimbait 3.5 was built to excel with ease in grass and vegetation. The efficient lure Biwaa TailGunR is equipped with Biwaa’s exclusive B2Ascent, which activates aggressive feeding behavior in predator species. Biwaa TailGunR Swimbait is available in multiple sizes and colors and is ready to match the hatch in any situation. Biwaa TailgunR Swimbait 3.5.

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