It all started over a decade ago, back in 2008, when tournament angler Vince Alexandre realized there was a real lack of specific products for European tournament conditions. That’s when he decided to step up, and put his plastic engineering skills to use, combining his industrial professional knowledge and his love for designing and fishing.

His passion and drive were what got this business started, and that’s how Biwaa was finally born, out of a strong desire to provide tournament anglers everywhere with a brand they can trust when they look for highly functional and reliable products , as well as outstanding customer service, in times when these things are not easy to come by.

We aim to echo our values to our customers by delivering lures that embrace quality through durability, reliability, performance, and functionality. Bringing more bites and catches into your fishing days is what keeps us going, and we feel very passionate about it. We work relentlessly to make you satisfied, and to develop a long-lasting relationship with you as a customer.


We can come up with a hundred reasons why you should choose BIWAA, but it all comes down to this: BIWAA lures are game changers! They turn every fishing session and tournament into a fun, pleasurable experience, and increase your number of catch.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we know exactly what a tournament angler wants and needs, that’s why we offer only innovative products. Biwaa lures are based on new design concepts as an answer to the harsh conditions that anglers face. Our purpose is to produce lures that will change the way you fish and allow you to catch more and bigger fish! When fish are highly pressured and fishing is tough, this is the perfect time to tie on a Biwaa lure! Once you see our lures in action, then you will realize that catching is our passion and in every one of our lures there is a little bit of our soul.

State of the art, Original, Ingenious, Leading edge and Innovative because our only goal is Fishing Performance !