Twinpike Rigged

The custom design and the unique phthalates free formula give the BIWAA TwinPike Rigged an unique action, even when retrieved at a slow pace. The Biwaa TwinPike Swimbait legs work in unison, emulating a large live bullfrog. This particular design aspect, the uncommon action and custom hand painted color patterns, all add up to a deadly lure for monster pike, musky, and bass. Truly an innovative lure for the angler that chases big fish and aren’t willing to compromise on quality. Through-Wire Construction on Rigged Models : The Biwaa TwinPike Rigged swimbait uses a through-wire construction, which offers the highest durability available. The internal stainless steel wire harness has a 1.5mm (.06inch) diameter, which makes it essentially indestructible. The biggest, meanest and most vicious fish will make it to the boat, no matter the conditions! The high-end Zion brand hooks ensure the highest possible quality. The black nickel finish helps the hooks retain their sharpness and improves durability. The hooks are attached with stainless steel split rings that have been pressed to enhance their strength.

Biwaa Twinpike Rigged Swimbait is a soft swimbait of Biwaa Fishing Performance, the pro fishing shop for the best innovative fishing lures and fishing gear

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