Biwaa Prism 4.8″

  • Rigged on the larger end, the smaller end falls with an erratic action
  • Rigged on the smaller end, the larger end wobbles slowly as it falls
  • Rigged “wacky”, the Prism falls slowly thanks to the dense plastic and heavy salt
  • “Eco” formulation is environmentally friendly, BPA & Phthalate free.
  • Scented with B2A Shrimp scent attractant, masks human scent and leaves a scent trail for pressured fish.
  • 08 pcs per pack


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SKU : 000893
  • Color : (02)Green Pumpkin
SKU : 001107
  • Color : (06)Okeechobee
SKU : 001157
  • Color : (10)Black & Blue
Biwaa Prism 4.8″
3 Colors Available
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The Prism 4.8″ stick bait is a new design from Biwaa.  The unique characteristics allow for multiple presentations. One end of the Prism is is thicker than the other. When rigging the prism with the hook in the narrow end of the worm, the fat tail creates a slow wobble as it falls. When rigged on the opposite side (the fat end) the smaller side wobbles more erratically. Rigged “wacky”, the falls slowly through the water column thanks to the dense soft plastic that is heavily salted. Formulated from our “Eco” formulation, our soft plastics are environmentally friendly, BPA & Phthalates free. Scented with B2A, Biwaa’s Powerful shrimp scent attractant masks human scent, and creates an enticing scent trail for pressured fish. Biwaa Prism 4.8″ SoftStick is an efficient Soft lure of Biwaa Fishing Performance, the pro fishing shop for the best innovative fishing lures and fishing gear

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