Biwaa Ocean Divinator – Part 1

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Ocean Divinator is on the way to follow the same path as the original versions: Become a reference!

12 years ago, Divinator tailspin shad was the perfect innovation that allow angler to explore a new way of pike fishing. Available in many sizes and weight, it quickly became an all-around lure targeting many freshwater species (Perch, Zander, Bass, etc….).

Like our soft range DEUS and TailgunR, the original Divinator has been successful in Salt water on Seabass, pollack and other numerous species. but due to its construction, it was not yet the perfect tool to resist harsh ocean environment.

From now on, The Biwaa Ocean Divinator is the perfect answer to all saltwater constraint including corrosion and offshore condition (Wind, Swell and depth).

Biwaa Ocean Divinator was developed and build to be efficient while resisting saltwater environment:

– A reinforced Jig head, tested against some of the most powerful fish in the ocean, protected with a fin that limit risk of being snag.

– A strong hook with corrosion proof blade and rolling swivel.
(Our test: let it inside Salt water for several hours, then leave inside tackle box without rinsing it – The blade was still running smoothly, and they were no sign of corrosion on the hook)

– A soft body still able to handle sharp predator’s tooth

– Higher density that allows angler to cast far against the wind (like a jig), and perfectly control the lure even on vertical fishing.

– A color chart perfectly matching preys (Sardine / Mackarel) using our Clonetech process. And standard color such as Ocean Blue, Ocean Pink, Green back and Wakasagi


Biwaa Ocean Divinator - Innovative fishing lures
Biwaa Ocean Divinator - Innovative fishing lures
Biwaa Ocean Divinator - Innovative fishing lures

Pre-rigged, ready to catch any predators, the Biwaa Ocean Divinator will be efficient straight out of the box thankfully to its super sensitive blade.

Biwaa Ocean Divinator - Innovative fishing lures