Warax Paddle Craw

If your fishing for trophy-sized largemouth in places like Lake Okeechobee or the California Delta, grab a Biwaa Warax Paddle Craw to coax those bigger fish into biting.  It features a large bulky profile that presents a heftier meal for hungry bass, and has very large, j-shaped, claws that are made from thin plastic, which produces a tremendous amount of action, similar to that of a double tail grub.  It also features large ribs and appendages that increase the overall profile of the Warax Paddle Craw. Loaded with Biwaa’s exclusive B2Ascent, this shrimp based, water-soluble formula diffuses quickly in water, which creates a strong scent trail and activates aggressive feeding behavior in predator species.  Available in a range of proven colors, the Biwaa Warax Paddle Craw is built for getting that kicker fish in the boat and cashing bigger checks.

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