Submission Rigged Swimbait

Soft Swimbaits, Biwaa SubMission Rigged is a soft swimbait of Biwaa Fishing Performance, the pro fishing shop for the best innovative fishing lures and fishing gear – Free shipping for order over $50!

The unique design gives the Biwaa SubMission Rigged a lazy tail kicking action. Along with the Phthalates free plastics formula, its lifelike appearance enhances the perfectly designed tail kicking action, attracting fish in even the clearest of water. Natural Realistic Imitation: 3D eyes, hand painted, and life like color schemes give Biwaa products the most natural looking finish available. These natural colorings, when paired with its unbeatable tail action offer even the most demanding fisherman the weapon they have always dreamt of. The Biwaa SubMission Rigged is a lure for anglers who desire the highest quality, when chasing big fish.

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