Biwaa Patate 2.5″

  • 2.5″
  • “Eco” Formula BPA & Phthalate free
  • Salted for long distance cast-ability
  • Depressed hook bed allows for weedless presentation
  • Compact design
  • 8 pcs per pack


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  • Color : (02)Green Pumpkin
Biwaa Patate 2.5″
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The Patate is not a joke !
This amazing finesse pattern is one of our pro staffers in asia’s best pattern. The bass fishing tournament anglers from Japan or China are using this kind of lures for a long time when the fishing pressure is at its climax. In such tough condition the key is usually the same : “do nothing” . just cast it and let the Patate fall down freely to the spot. You can rig it texas, weightless, jigger rig or even with a simple jighead.

The Patate 2.5″/6cm – 8pcs/pack

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