Biwaa Dogon 2.0 3/4oz

    • 3/4oz./ 21g
    • Stainless steel wire yields maximum vibration and strength.
    • Biwaa designed willow leaf blade with honeycomb design
    • Unique design Head
    • Closed-eye design
    • Premium Components
      • Extra strong jighook
      • Trailer hook
      • Stainless steel trailer wire
    • Premium hand-tied silicone skirts


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  • Color : (01)White Chart
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  • Color : (03)Red Tiger
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  • Color : (04)Alburno
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  • Color : (05)Gold Ayu
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  • Color : (06)Pink Ice
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  • Color : (07)Sexy Shad
Biwaa Dogon 2.0 3/4oz
6 Colors Available
100% Custom Design
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The DOGON 3/4oz Spinnerbait was innitially developed to meet the needs of tournament anglers. Effective at targeting multiple species, the DOGON was built to perform with big game predators in mind. Designed to excel in tough conditions the custom blades and wire shapes give the DOGON a unique action to trigger pressured fish.

Biwaa decided to upgrade its DOGON, to offer you a new kind of game ! For this recognised trophy fish spinnerbait, we kept the great recipee of a Biwaa custom design but added some spice to the sauce !

What’s new ? Extrastrong wire & a stainless steel armored version !

Because DOGON 2.0 would’nt be without the DOGON, we kept :
– Oversize custom blades
– Double silicon skirt
– Trailer hook included

The Biwaa designed willow leaf blade puts the DOGON 2.0 in a class of its own. The honeycomb design catches light on every surface creating the ultimate baitfish imitation. Enhanced cupping on the back of blade increases the thump of the blade, and ensures excellent drawing power at any retrieval speed.

Closed-eye design prevents knot slippage and enables snaps to be used to aid in quick retying.

Stainless steel trailer wire catch will keep your soft plastic trailer firmly attached cast after cast.

Ultra strong Jighook. Included trailer hook designed to increase hookup rate by 20%. Trailer hook also comes pre-rigged with a silicone sleeve to help ensure a true running hook.

The flat surface on the leading edge of the head pushes water and generates turbulence. This unique design allows you to “pause”the DOGON 2.0 for a stand-up presentation.

2 premium hand-tied silicone skirts provide excellent action and give the DOGON 2.0 an attractive look. The two skirts are tied at different lengths to provide a great enhancement to any trailer, along with maximum flare when the lure is “paused” during retrieve.


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